I am Snežana Marković, computer science teacher, my public profile: LinkedIn

I am currently working in the 6th Belgrade Grammar School.

The previous three years I worked in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia.

Interview on Daily Edventures

Education: Faculty of Science and Mathematics    Graduated in 1991.

Present position:    Teacher of computer science in the Sixth Belgrade Grammar School

Some of my engagements:

  • Member of the expert team that developed Digital competence framework – teacher for the digital age.
  • Member of the expert team that developed Guidelines for improving the use of ICT in education, engaged by the National Education Council
  • National coordinator for Serbia in „Open Discovery Space“ project, A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources.
  • Introduction of e-learning in underdeveloped municipalities in Serbia project supported by Digital Agenda
  • Popularization of e-learning, project supported by Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia
  • Author and trainer of the in-service teacher training “E-learning for beginners” (combination of an online and live seminar), school years 2010/11, 2011/12, and received accreditation for the 2012/13 and 2013/14
  • EIEF, Microsoft, Moscow 2011
  • National Coordinator for Serbia in Project “Open Discovery Space”, co-funded by European Commission
  • Moderator for the online in-service teacher training “Partners in learning” –spring 2010 (1500 participants) in the organisation of Microsoft Belgrade and Electronics Faculty in Nis
  • Trainer in Project “Support for quality assurance within the national primary and secondary education examination system”, funded by the European Union, 2011.
  •  Member of an expert team on the project “Modernization of Vocational Education” July 2010 where I attended the training for defining the goals and outcomes of education
  • Co-author and conductor of the project “Teachers for the students for BEO GRAD” (e-learning and ecology).
  • Self-evaluation in the function of the school development, ZUOV, Belgrade 2009
  • One day seminar (attender): Promotion and instructions for the use of the manual for self-evaluation (2005-06)
  •  Co Author and leader of the in-service teacher training: Introduction to computer use, Ssoft and Pedagogic Society of Serbia, Belgrade, 2003/04.
  •  Co-author of the project and of the manual, co-ordinator of the project “How the comics beat the books (teacher training for application of the multimedia in the education processes) in the frames of the school development plan 2003 6bg
  • Permanent member of the School team for Self –evaluation
  • Participated in    EdGATE Component 3: Priority Areas Workshops 7 & 8, Krakov Case studies (ICT e-inclusion) :-    ICT in Mechanical Design and Mechanical Manufacturing Education.
    –    The Way the Comics Beat the Books.
  • National reporter from Serbia on 13th International Conference “ICT IN THE EDUCATION OF THE BALKAN COUNTRIES” Varna, June 17 – 19, 2010, Bulgaria, BALKAN SOCIETY FOR PEDAGOGY AND EDUCATION
  • Author of more recessions and professional works in ICT

Professional experience

  • 09/2001-present    Belgrade    6th Belgrade grammar school (Šesta beogradska gimnazija, Milana Rakića 33)   teacher of   Computer science
  • 10/2000-08/2001    Belgrade    GSP Technical School (Tehnička škola GSP, Radoslava Grujića 2)    teacher   of Computer science
  • 09/1991-10/2000    Belgrade    12th Belgrade grammar school (Dvanaesta beogradska gimnazija, Vojvode stepe 82)    teacher of   Mathematics and Computer science
  • 02/1991-06/1991    Zemun    Zemun grammar school (Zemunska gimnazija, Gradski park 1)    teacher   of Mathematics

Other relevant information (Publications, Awards, etc.)

2011/2012    First prize winner in the competition „Creative School“ (Serbian Partners in Learning programme) in the competition for grammar school „Mirrored classroom“ based on hybrid methods of learning (blended learning), made using tools Wiki, Facebook and Moodle. (Co-author of the paper)

2012    Serbian Society For Information Technology plaquette for developed and applied information technology services: “Click to know” – an informal group of Serbian teachers: http://www.klikdoznanja.edu.rs  (Member of the team)

2009/2010    First prize winner in the competition „Creative School“  (Serbian Partners in Learning programme) in the competition for high school „From gene to eugenics“ based on hybrid methods of learning (blended learning), made using tools Moodle. (Co-author of the paper)

March  2009 – Present    The initiator and author of an educational portal designed to develop digital literacy, and the popularization of e-learning and the proper use of Serbian language and Cyrillic on the Internet http://www.e-pismen.rs. Author and Project Manager in the project “e-pismen” (“e-literate”) with the support of Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia through Programme of support to Internet popularisation projects with a series of lectures and the establishment of the website for collaboration and online learning.

2003, 2006, 2012    Reviewer of several textbooks in computer science.

Membership of professional bodies:

  •  Association for promotion, application and internet development “Plug In” (“Umreži se”)
  •  Pedagogical information society of Serbia (PDIS)
  •  Serbian Society for Informatics (DIS)

Other skills:  Media and Computer literacy, Web design, Administrator for e-learning platforms, In-service teacher trainer, Hand weaving, Ecology (Civic inititative „The Fifth park“)


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